It’s B Corp month and this year we’ve partnered up with a bunch of fantastic brands who are all doing more to B the Change. From water, treats, snacks, tea, plant-based milk and food boxes, skincare, stationary and even pet food, we’ve got you covered.

Rewind, never heard of a B Corp? B Corps are companies who use business as a force for good by balancing profit and purpose. As a proud founding member of B Corp, we love supporting our fellow B Corp friends and what better time to do this than B Corp month. We know there are loads of brands out there doing great stuff so these are our top picks to cover all your needs.


We’ll tell you what’s poppin’! These PROPERcorn popcorn snacks are a-maize-ing! Popcorn not quite your thing? No worries, they do delicious crisps too. They have a range of different flavours, for both adults and kids that cover off sweet and salty cravings. Taste aside, PROPER believe in doing business the right way for their team, the planet and the people within it. They choose to be proactive, optimistic and think differently, with the goal to make the planet a happier, healthier place for us all to live. They’ve set themselves some goals to make this happen; celebrating people and making Proper the best place to work, leaving a positive footprint on communities and commiting to a sustainable supply chain and measuring their environmental impact. Snack on that!

Doisy and Dam
Choc it out! Doisy and Dam have some seriously good chocolate and we know you fellow sweet tooths will love them. They’re as passionate about ensuring it tastes good as well as making sure it is doing right by the cocoa farmers and our world – better ingredients, better ethics, better chocolate. Doisy and Dam saw that sourcing chocolate can be a dodgy business, which is why they became a B Corp, dedicated to doing right by suppliers and customers. From the classic bar of chocolate, to nutter cups and buttons, they have a range of tasty treats that’ll make you say, “Dam, that’s some good chocolate!”.

If you’re after a tea-rrific brew, look no further. Not only do Pukka teas taste delicious, you can drink them knowing that you are doing good for the people who make the tea and the planet. At Pukka, they support farmers to use climate and nature friendly practices and only the highest quality, practitioner-grade organic herbs fairly sourced from around the world. Every Pukka product is made using renewable energy and they have set themselves a climate goal to be carbon zero by 2030! They have a variety of different teas depending on what you’re after but you can also grab yourself a caffeine fix from their Organic Lattes range and your health supplements.

Get in your paw pal’s good books with these delightful kitty and pup treats! They are paw-fect for the ultimutt dog and cat lover. We all know that good health starts in the gut and this is no different for your pet. Scrumbles is natural pet food that is responsibly sourced, made in the UK, contains no nasties and is kind to tummies and the planet. Each product is expertly signed off by their chief taste testers, Smudge and Boo, to ensure that there is a high standard of quality control. All their food is approved by vets and developed with nutritionists to meet FEDIAF guidelines. They have an array of products, for both young and old doggies and cats, including treats, biscuits and wet food.

Grab a spoon because we udderly love these Danone dairy yoghurts! Our friends at Danone kindly gave us some of their natural and simply fruit and veg yoghurts and they went down a treat. All of their packaging is 100% recyclable either in your kerbside collection or via Terracycle and they have a variety of yoghurts to choose from for both kids and adults. Danone is dedicated to providing healthy food to as many people as possible. For Danone, doing good is about more than just making delicious yoghurts. It’s about doing their bit for families, communities and our planet. Don’t take our word from it, grab a spoon and give them a try.

We herb you love it! Wake up and smell the roses with MuLondon’s selection of skincare. MuLondon was created to make a change – a change that is more than skin deep. They have a focus on proactive environmental, recycling and fair-trade policies and support community projects. Their collection of products are made from pure, natural and, where possible, certified organic ingredients – a hallelujah for your skin! Containing no unnecessary artificial additives and instead using pure essential oils and herb extracts, all their products smell incredible and are gentle for your skin. Not only are they kind to your skin but they are also kind to animals, proudly containing no animal derived ingredients and are not tested on our furry friends – tick! Whether you have a dry, oily, mature, sensitive or mixed skin type, MuLondon has a variety of skincare solutions from cleansers to moisturisers.

Rebel Kitchen
Made by rebels, drunk by rebels – who wouldn’t want to be a part of this? Born out of the need to challenge the status Quo, Rebel Kitchen started to question how they could improve the wellbeing of people and the planet. As a business, they have set some pretty hefty targets to reach by 2025 focussed on having a transparent supply chain, regenerative organic agriculture, reimagining the loop of consumption, rebalancing community and championing healthy humans. Their products range, Mylk, included plant-based Mylks, Mylkshakes in loads of flavours as well as coconut water. Fancy yourself a bit of a rebel with a cause? Join the revolution.

All Plants
Let us plant one on ya – these All Plants boxes are the best! Whether you’re already on a plant-based lovin’ diet, fancy yourself to be a bit of a flexitarian or just wanting to make some sustainable changes to your lifestyle, All Plants are the way to go. We tested a few of their recipes at One Water HQ and they did not disappoint. Thie recipes are 100% vegan and their ethos is to create tasty, healthy, plant-based meals that are convenient for you and gentler on the planet. From food to delivery, everything is designed to protect the planet from the ingredients sourced to the compostable, recyclable and/or reusable packaging it comes in. Power to the plants!

Paper on the rocks
Take note and pencil it in the diary to get yourself one of these notebooks to add to your stationery collection. The paper industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. Paper on the rocks wanted to make a difference so they created notebooks that are nature-friendly, tree-free, kind-to-resources paper, made from construction and agricultural waste. The cherry on top? They donate their time, services and at least 5% of purchases to restoration efforts and natural reserve protection initiatives. They have a beautiful range of nature inspired coloured notebooks to choose from so if you’re a stationery nut or you’re after a new notebook, write the way forward and check them out.

One Water
Wash it all down with a bottle of One and if your pets are inclined to prefer a more luxurious diet, they can have it too! We launched in 2005 with a simple vision to sell bottled water in the UK to fund water projects all over the world. So far, we have helped The One Foundation raise over £20m, changing the lives of over 3.8m people across Malawi, Rwanda, Kenya and Ghana. If that isn’t already enough to encourage you to make the switch, we are also the only ethical water brand to offer such a wide variety of 100% recyclable formats within their product portfolio – plastic-free cans and glass, bottles made from 51% recycled plastic and recyclable cartons consisting of 63% sustainable paperboard from FSC-approved forests. With both people and planet being top of mind, making the switch should be easy.