The school summer holidays are upon us once again (where does the time go?!), and with them, so begins the almost daily request for treats and ice creams at the park and on days out with the children.

Whilst I want them to have an enjoyable summer holiday, I dont want the laissez faire parenting style for those 6 weeks to come back and bite me in September after a trip to the dentist reveals the result of the summer sugar overload!

With this thought in mind, I got to wondering how to offer those summer treats, without the guilt and potential tooth decay. 

I know my girls enjoy drinking the Juiced Water range we offer at One, so assumed that they would love them just as much in the form of ice lollies.


We set to ‘work’ in the garden, pouring into the moulds, using a selection of each flavour (Cloudy Apple, Orange & Mango and Raspberry & Apple) and then froze them overnight.


Sadly, the sunshine we were enjoying on the day they were created had been replaced by cloud and rain on the day we ate them – but this didn’t dampen their enthusiasm for the lollies.

They were a real hit and I could polish my mummy halo, secure in the knowledge that they were consuming a yummy treat with no added sugar or any hidden horrors.

Now…how to entertain them for the remaining 6 weeks?!