This is 5-year-old Michelle and her mother, Ann, at one of the local water kiosks which provides safe, clean drinking water to thousands living in Naivasha, Kenya.

In low-income areas in Nairobi and Naivasha, The One Foundation has worked alongside their partners to build systems which provide piped water into communities and sell it at an agreed, affordable price so that even the poorest members have access.

The establishment of water kiosks means residents are no longer forced to walk 8 kilometres to collect dirty water from Lake Naivasha or buy it from unscrupulous vendors at extortionate prices.

The One Foundation builds capacity in local communities, creating employment at every stage from the management of water systems through to the local tap managers – Ann herself earns an income from working at the kiosk.

The tariffs collected means that the systems and pipes are maintained and kept running so communities are assured of a clean water supply. Forever.