In 2017, Enock was a 38-year-old tailor by profession. As a native of Okaikrom, one of the communities that The One Foundation supports, he was aware of the struggles community members face to access clean and safe water.

Having learnt of the ongoing intervention to improve access to water in his community he decided to be part of the project in any way he could;

“When I heard about the project, I was very happy as I knew how much it will help the people of Okaikrom. I therefore resolved to be part of the project regardless of what role I could play to support the work”.

Funding from The One Foundation has helped implement a 4-year project to catalyse systemic changes in water supply in small towns in the Ashanti region in Ghana. The intervention, which includes the construction of water systems, provided an opportunity for the selection and training of two community members to serve as technicians and artisans for the operation and maintenance of the new systems. These locally trained technicians will provide basic maintenance and repair works for the water systems when they are operational.

Enock was selected to train as a plumber to support the operations and maintenance of the water systems. He gained experience through learning by doing, was attached to the contractor for the systems and worked daily on the systems since construction began in July 2019.

He notes that;

“Even before the community begins to draw water, I have benefitted immensely from the project. I now have a skill I did not have before the project. I have started doing some minor plumbing works for people in the community which is earning me an income. I was also paid as part of the contractor’s staff for the work I did which is incredible. I was paid to learn a skill.”

After the handover of the water systems to the community, community leadership and districts, Enock will play a very important role by undertaking maintenance and minor repairs for the water systems. He now has the opportunity to earn an income from his work on the water systems and is able to use his newly acquired plumbing skills to further generate income for himself and his family.

Photo credits: WSUP