The One brand was born in a pub – slightly ironic for a water product but hey, look what it’s led to! Spurred by the plight of Ann the initial plan was to find a way to change ‘one’ life at a time. So far we’ve done that over 3.1 million times in the past 10 years.

It’s my role to build on this success and promote The One brand through our press and marketing activities; ranging from promotional campaigns to creating new products (stand by for exciting news in 2017!!). The key message I need to share is the change that buying a One drink can make; that ‘when you drink One, the world drinks too’.

There’s a challenge within this though; how much do we show of those who don’t have water to drink? How do we present the unbelievable situations that people in the poorest communities in Africa find themselves in – walking up to 4 hours a day to collect dirty water and missing out on an education as a result. Succumbing to waterborne diseases from a lack of sanitation facilities. Going without food due to failed harvests.

Surely this is the most direct way to communicate the challenge at hand and to encourage consumers to buy One to help make much needed change?

The simple answer is that we don’t. The images are too harsh, too unbelievably desperate despite their eloquent capture of reality, too direct to be placed in bountiful shops, cosy cafes and high end restaurant tables.

It’s a very difficult balancing act; we need to share the problem to engage our audience, create empathy and most importantly motivate those who are able to help – stockists and those wanting a drink; but not to go so far as to appal and suggest that it’s all too big a problem to solve.

So we focus on the positives – of which there are many. It’s so much more powerful for the human psyche to feel positive than negative; encouraging you to be part of the solution not to bemoan the problem. We lead with the solutions we can provide; the change we can make; and the tangible happiness that results. We can show the community wide joy of a pump spurting fresh, clean water for the first time. The excitement of children able to go to school and the relief for the women now able to to feed their families.

We appreciate that for many daily life is a very busy place and that whilst they’d like to help others and make the world a better place for everyone; it’s often difficult for people to find the time to contribute. That’s why we’ve made it simple; and it’s what I love most about One. Just by choosing a bottle of One means you can help whilst going about your everyday tasks, without stopping to deliberate your actions… simply by having a drink.