One Water Sparkling Cans 24 x 330ml

330ml Can

One has helped bring clean, safe water to 3.6 million people.

Now there’s another One to help change more lives. One that’s zero plastic and made using an average of 68% recycled aluminium.

One Water. Just in a can.

Switch water. Change lives.

Product Information

330ml Can

Zero plastic water solution.

Made with an average of 68% recycled aluminium.

100% recyclable. Please recycle.

Product Information

Life-changing water. Just in a can.

Product Information
Ingredients Spring Water
Units 18 Cans
Serving Size 330ml
Case Dimensions
Mineral & Nutrition Facts
Typical Analysis (mg/l)
pH 8.2
Hydrogen Carbonate 165
Calcium 31.6
Magnesium 14.6
Sulphate 9.8
Sodium 4.28
Potassium 0.86
Chloride <1
Nitrate (NO3) <1
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Beatrice's Story

Every time you buy One, you're changing lives. One small decision for you, one huge impact across the world. It's that simple.
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