Thanks to the sale of One Vitamin Water through Peros, 17 schools in the Masumbankhunda area of the Lilongwe District of Malawi now have flourishing vegetable gardens planted.

Malawi vegetable–garden_1

14,672 pupils are involved in the project – the schools range in size, the smallest having an enrolment of 473 children, and the largest with 2572 pupils.

Malawi vegetable–garden_2

All 17 schools are growing a range of crops such as mustard seed, rape seed and Chinese cabbage. This not only gives pupils a nutritious diet, but the schools are also able to sell excess food, allowing them to make an additional income for the school.

Malawi vegetable–garden_3

Many of the schools have sold crops and with their additional money purchased items such as buckets for collecting water, drinking cups for the pupils.

Mbobo School have recently earnt 41,900 MK (£83), enabling them to buy 2 footballs for the school, 1 netball and 4 packets of onion and mustard seeds for future planting. Ulondwe School invested in 2 portable blackboards with 9460 MK raised (£18), and KachuleSchool have even rented a further 0.4 ha. of land to grow maize in 2013 with their 3100 MK (£6).