Recycling. Why is it important?

  • Recycling conserves energy and carbon by putting the packaging material back to use and avoiding the pollution caused by having to extract, mine and process new resources.
  • Producing new materials requires energy, which means more emissions and more global warming. Recycling a tonne of plastic, rather than producing the same amount as new, saves a tonne of CO2 from being produced.
  • Recycling keeps waste out of landfill. In England, we have less than 500,000 cubic metres of landfill space left (this is down from 715,000 in 2000).
  • In landfill waste can have further environmental impacts. If waste ends up in our seas and oceans, for example, it can have a devastating impact on wildlife and marine life.
  • In the UK, the average household uses 480 plastic bottles per year, but only recycles 270 of them. This needs to change.

Please recycle your packaging.

51% Recycled Plastic

All our 500ml still and sparkling and 750ml bottles are produced with a minimum of 51% rPET (recycled plastic) and are 100% recyclable.

35% recycled glass

All our glass bottles are produced with a minimum of 35% recycled glass content and are 100% recyclable.

FSC Approved

All of our cartons are made using sustainable paperboard from FSC-approved forests and are 100% recyclable.

68% recycled alluminium

All our cans are produced with an average of 68% recycled aluminium content and are infinitely recyclable.

How to recycle your One


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