I find myself here in Washington DC on the eve of what has become a hugely acrimonious presidential election. It’s highly reminiscent of the run up to the Brexit elections.

To escape CNN’s rolling coverage and people arguing across the broadcasters tables I took myself off for a walk down to The White House early this morning. It was surprisingly quiet and calm, the sun was out and the Autumn chill was being held at bay.

Amongst all the Clinton / Trump merchandise on sale was a single one of Obama, silhouetted and walking away. ‘Obama out’ it read. I felt strangely sad that for all the positivity that came with his campaign and ultimately his election to President, 8 years on the US has descended into a mire of negativity and campaigning.


Faced with this I had a meeting for the Global Investment Fund for Water to attend.

It turned out to be a lunch. Which amused me because on my way to the meeting I overhead someone say they served the best lunch in town.

The stakes, for me, were high enough that the reaction of the diners would determine the outcome of an idea, which if delivered, could be a catalyst to help change millions of lives.

I wasn’t expecting it to be an easy meeting and in parts it wasn’t but then the things that you fight for never are and I like to be challenged over ideas as it gives you a different perspective on how people think and thus helps you further refine your thinking.

As with the US elections, the ebb and flow of the positives and negatives reminded me of following the polls. I was losing, then winning, close…then it was over.

As I walked out into the sun, I felt another door had opened on this journey, a very big door, a door of such magnitude and pushed open by people of such credibility that, yet again, despite us all agreeing that the idea was crazy – it was worth pursuing all the way.

They had one ask, not to use their name lightly, or without reason or rationale.

I could tell you, but I fear the Secret Service might just tap me on the shoulder.

Goose, out.