One Water Sparkling Glass 24 x 330ml

330ml Glass

One has helped bring clean, safe water to 3.6 million people.

And this One can help change even more lives. One that’s zero plastic and made with 35% recycled materials.


Product Information

330ml Glass

Made with a minimum of 35% recycled glass.

100% recyclable. Please recycle.

Bottled at source in the UK.

Product Information

Life-changing water. Bottled in Shropshire.

Product Information
Ingredients 100% British Spring Water
Units 24 Bottles
Serving Size 330ml
Case Dimensions 43 x 26 x 23.2 cm
Mineral & Nutrition Facts
Typical Analysis at Source (mg/l)
pH 7.7
Calcium 58
Chloride 55
Sodium 29
Magnesium 31
Sulphur 24
Potassium 2.8
Nitrate (NO3) 1.92
Fluoride 0.12
Total dissolved solids 436
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