One Water Sparkling 24 x 500ml

500ml PET

One Water provides clean, safe water to those who need it most. Forever.

So far, we’ve helped The One Foundation raise £20 million and change 3.6 million lives.

One simple choice for you. One big change for millions.

Switch water. Change lives.

Product Information

500ml PET

Made from 51% recycled plastic.

100% recyclable. Please recycle.

Bottled at source in the UK.

Product Information

Life-changing sparkling spring water. Bottled in Wales.

Product Information
Ingredients 100% British Spring Water
Units 24 Bottles
Serving Size 500ml
Case Dimensions 40.6 x 31.8 x 22.2 cm
Mineral & Nutrition Facts
Typical Analysis at Source (mg/l)
pH 7
Calcium 63
Magnesium 12
Sodium 11
Pottassium 1
Sulphate 8
Nitrate (NO3) 18
Dry Residue (at 180°C) 244
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One gives clean water to millions. Others don’t. Choose One from a range of packaging options: cans, cartons, glass and plastic bottles. One simple switch for you. One big change for millions Find out more