India has 16% of global COVID-19 cases and 9% of all deaths. Just 3.3% of the population are fully vaccinated, with only 10% having received a single dose. Whilst cases of COVID-19 in big cities have declined, local area data has shown a surge in small towns and rural areas, especially in southern India.

In response to this emergency, The One Foundation is deploying a grant of £70k with the support of Coop.

This grant will not only help to establish hand-washing stations but will provide soap, water tanks, essential cleaning & sanitising materials, PPE kits and appropriate training for facility staff at 5 pop-up COVID centres and a local area hospital in the regions of Paderu, Vizag, and Andhra Pradesh.

In these areas, WASH measures will be implemented, with essential facilities being kept constantly available to reduce further infection and to keep health workers safe.

For the most vulnerable and worst-affected populations in Bihar, life-saving COVID-19 prevention messaging will be disseminated via 20,000 frontline health workers and community groups, primarily advocating for continued mask-wearing and self-quarantining following positive results.