We are a certified B Corp

Our company has been assessed on it’s impact on the community, environment, customers and workers.  We ranked significantly above the required level for certification.

This year we are especially proud to have been listed in B-Corporations Best For The World 2021 for our score for ‘community’.  This means that the score we achieved in our ‘Community’ B Impact Assessment Is one of the top 5% for our size worldwide!


Carbon neutral means that any CO2 released into the atmosphere from a company’s activities is balanced by an equivalent amount being removed.  All One Water products are Carbon Neutral to the highest level possible… zero emissions to Scope 3!  We have worked so hard to achieve this,  three years ahead of our target of 2025.

Our current commitments to minimising our environmental impact include:

  • Only using 100% recyclable packaging formats.
  • Increasing the amount of recycled materials we use, as and when possible.
  • Expanding our range of packaging formats to include low-carbon and plastic-free alternatives.
  • Encouraging the reusing and recycling of all our packaging.
  • Minimising the amount of non-renewable energy that we use.